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We work with teachers to improve the standards of PE lessons.

This is a fantastic service Priority Sports offer which will only have a positive impact on your school. It will see one of our highly qualified professional sports coaches come into your school and work alongside the teacher during the PE lessons.

Our aim is to improve standards of PE lessons so it has various positive impacts on the children. We also will work very closely with the teacher to improve their confidence so they can deliver high quality PE lessons on their own.

All our bespoke session plans will be shared with the teachers before the term and during the lessons, our session design is different to other companies we will show teachers how to organise different practices to get different returns whether that may be for the individual or small groups during the session.

Our bespoke sessions would look to improve the pupils technically within that sport but our sessions will also have challenges which will impact them socially. Our sessions are tailored for the pupils we understand that there may be various ability levels so our sessions do allow the children that do excel in sport to push them and we also look at the importance of working with the other children to weather that is working with them psychologically to improve their confidence.

We would look to work with a teacher for a term and over that term we look to improve their understanding of one specific sport and help them grow in confidence to take calculated risks when they deliver their own sessions.

Depending on the teachers confidence we would look to get them delivering parts of the session as the term goes on and on the final week of the term we would look to them to deliver the session, or they deliver part of the session with one our coaches supporting them. In our coaching pack, which would include all of our session plans we have delivered we also provide feedback on the teachers delivery on our feedback sheets and that would be theirs to keep.

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We also offer a PPA service at a very competitive price; these can be golden hours for teachers in Primary schools. Priority Sports follow structured lesson plans and our coaches are qualified to deliver all aspects of the PE national curriculum and trained and extensive previous experience in behavior management strategies.

We would plan for a scheme of work coinciding with the national curriculum weather that may be a term or two terms. We can ensure that our coaches will deliver an exciting, yet controlled educational teaching environments.

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